Why does the carpet smell after cleaning with chemicals?

The appearance of smelly carpet is related to the effect of water on the carpet or the constant use of watering in the carpets in the room that are not properly ventilated. The other possible causes include when the carpet stinks after washing and drying improperly, the infestation of bacteria and fungus which gets moldy in the carpet fabrics.  The suspectible root of the cause for the smelly carpet has been the fact that the carpets are made of natural materials that have not been treated with antiseptic agents or special treatment during manufacturing.



Here’s how to prevent the smell of dampness and caresses fro-m carpets:

  • - After washing carpets with steam cleaner, the carpets must be completely dried. If you washed the carpet yourself and that you did not dry it completely, then it is very likely that in the coming days the carpet will produce unpleasant smell.
  • - If the carpet is implemented in the rooms with high humidity, the carpet must be periodically dried and monitored for the condition of the carpet so that it doesn’t appear wet therefore the mould should not be present. The room itself should be ventilated and use special air dehumidifiers to fresh up the carpets.
  • - Some professional cleaning company offers special treatment services for carpets for treating fungus and bacteria removal, so take advantage of our specialised services.
  • - Consider to adopt the “old school” method which is basically dry the carpets outside in a summer season  when the weather’s good, because the good weather with the combination of a sun’s heat and freshening wind will refresh the carpet and prevent the breeding of bacteria in the fibers of carpet.
  • - If you do not use the carpet, then before you twist it and put it away for storage, be sure to clean it and dry it completely.

Consider to use Vic Vac Steam Cleaning’s professional advice in treating your carpets to prevent the smelly appearance by calling us or directly contact us via form.

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