3 Reasons to Clean Carpets Regularly

Steam cleaning has been one of the longest and popular methods for cleaning carpets. Since it’s a hot-water extraction process it does offer many more advantages than other carpet treatments, and it is also one of the most effective ways to protect the carpets and prolong their lifespan.

Steam cleaning is a deeper and eco friendly method of cleaning compared to other commercial treatments, making it as a good choice for people with allergy to ashtma or concern in household hygiene.

What’s more, it could even help saving your back pocket.

Below are 3 reasons to clean carpets regularly:

  1. It saves you the money on the property
    Re-carpeting your flooring surfaces is pricey and expensive due to the combination of cost of the carpets, the labour and installation fee which can up to several thousands dollars.Which is why you have to make sure your carpet is in good condition, and is prolonged in the fabric lifespan to look fresh and bright with steam cleaning.Carpets that are regularly steam cleaned will often produce less stain, smell better, and look fresher and newer because there’s no soil or stain build-up.

  2. It helps preventing asthma or allergies
    Steam cleaning offers important health benefits, including prevention of asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Dust mites are one of the major issues of these health problems, and they can be found in many carpets.
    Steam cleaning reduces the populations of these types of microorganisms. Powerful steam cleaning destroys the bulk of dust mite infestations in carpets. In addition it also destroys fungus, viral and bacterial infections with its high temperature pressurised steam, ensuring your family will all breathe easier, simpler and healthier.
  3. It cleans better than other conventional methods
    Steam cleaning is a deeper cleaning process for carpets. Because it generates high pressurised water vapour that deeply penetrates your carpet fibres, it extracts even the most stubborn soils with its powerful vacuuming  action. It can also reach dirt, tiny hair particles and dust mites that have been lying ground into the fibres, which is the most effective carpet cleaning method that is  available.

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