How many times a month should the carpet cleaning be done in a month?

How often should the carpet cleaning in domestic house be conducted during a month will depend on many factors such as:


How big is your family in the house.


For example 4 bedroom house that has 4 family members (two adults and two children), may require 3 times of cleaning carpets, especially if there are young children involved in play games in the living room which usually have the exposure of dirt and dust caused by these children. A young children aged as 3-7 year olds tends to play with food and toys that may affect dust and dirt on the carpet. Furthermore if there is dog pet in the house that walks on in a regular basis and plays with the carpet flooring, when coming from outdoors, the dog pets can leave some stains and parasites that infiltrate the carpet. This frequent contact in surfaces from house occupants can make the parasites and dusts become collected and residuals in the carpet. Therefore it is recommended to vacuum and steam clean carpets every 2 times a week up to 8 times a month, if the dog pet and children continue this similar pattern of playing around the carpeted room / area.

Home domestic carpet cleaning

If the family has busy lifestyle when there is lack of dedicated time to perform cleaning in a month, then a professional carpet servicing or vacuum carpet cleaner can be hired to clean on behalf of the family in monthly basis schedule.


If you are wearing shoes in your house:


Shoes are contaminated from diverse sources such as dirt from outdoors, stained water from beaches, etc. It is not good etiquette to have stained shoes inside the house so best leave on the near door or outside. Normally when the contaminated shoes are placed in the carpets, the dirt and stains can affect the carpet fibres due to presence of stain bacteria and parasites.


How often you walk on your carpet


Assuming if you walk on your carpet shoe-less, there is myth that walking barefoot will not make dirty surfaces, but that’s completely wrong. The human foot can harbor invisible parasites and bugs which can transfer seamlessly to carpet fibre when being walked on. Human foot can leave small dust too because of the airborne particles. Hence the carpeted floor shall be vacuumed and steamed every 2 weeks so 4 times a month.


What kind of cleaning solutions you are using to clean carpets


Different cleaning agents have differing effects on the carpet fibres. Some chemical agents can be not quite effective as most chemical solutions does not fully penetrate into fibrous and porous component of carpet surface, thus not entirely removing dust, stains and even parasites from carpet. It is suggested to combine the pressurised steam vapour at highest temperature with water cleaning solution to provide powerful hot extraction method to completely deep clean surfaces. Use professional cleaning services with hot water extraction vacuum cleaning

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