Deep steam carpet cleaning has many benefits

What is Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning?

With deep steam carpet cleaning, a steam vapour is produced at high temperature and applied to the fibrous surface of the carpeted flooring which allows deep penetration of steam that works best in reaching crevices and nooks. Due to low water content being only 5%, the drying of carpet is almost instant within just a few matter of minutes and leaving the carpet not entirely soaked because of the high temperature ensuring the vaporisation of the water molecules.

Why Deep Steam Cleaning Is Beneficial Than Dry Cleaning

Unlike steam cleaning, dry cleaning usually require the application of harmful chemicals to the carpet.¬† Even though the use of chemicals cleans the carpet well, it doesn’t get the stains out. Chemicals are basically used as lightening agent to make the stains less visible in the fabric of the carpet, therefore it does not guarantee complete clean.

With deep steam cleaning method, all the hard visible stains will be eventually removed effectively due to penetration  of super heated dry steam vapour. As a result, the carpet will be cleaning thoroughly right to the very bottom layers of it, in which the other conventional and traditional methods cannot accomplish this way.

Deep steam cleaning is very safe and friendly to pets

When it comes to pet allergy, deep steam cleaning is the best method for safe cleaning, due to no chemicals being involved and that the water is the major agent in cleaning thoroughly in any surface.

Neither shampoo nor dry powder will effectively lift the dirt out of dirty carpet. While hot pressurised steam destroys the bacteria, it can also remove mould, fungus and dust mites, permitting green friendly environment aspect in cleaning the environment therefore it is not harmful to health in pets.

Will The Deep Steam Damage Ruin My Carpet?

The deep steam cleaning only uses tiny particles of the steam vapour which are non-hazardous. While the steam thermally sanitise the carpet, this process only keeps the structure and fibre of carpet in tact without altering them. Unlike water or conventional method which disrupt the structure and quality of the carpet material, the steam-based solution does not cause rough appearance in the carpet when it’s badly cleaned in traditional method such as sweep or mop.

The team at Vic Vac Steam Cleaning treat your carpet with utmost care.

With deep steam vapour cleaning, the allergies in humans and pets can be fully prevented, the carpet quality is top notch second to none and this method is absolutely eco-friendly, hence no harm involved. So why not book us for platinum service in deep steam carpet cleaning in your premises?

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